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Barbie Hug N Heal

Barbie Hug N Heal

The Barbie “Hug N Heal” Pet Doctor provides all of the necessary tools for your very own future veterinarian or animal lover to nurse their sick puppy back to health. The Barbie Hug N Heal pets need that special someone to look after them and keep them healthy. They react to feeding it a bone, wiping its nose, listening to its heartbeat and several other accessories by making realistic animal sounds.

The Barbie “Hug N Heal” Pet Doctor is meant for young children three years and older and features a stylish carrying bag to hold your favorite puppy and all of the accessories. These lovely pets really encourage dramatic play and nurturing skills. Our testers also discovered that in addition to being a satisfying interactive toy, the puppy is soft and cuddly enough for children to curl up with during the night. Collect one or collect them all, these pets are simply waiting for a loving home!

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