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Barbie & The Diamond Castle

Barbie & The Diamond Castle
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Presenting Barbie & The Diamond Castle: Soundtrack features 12 songs, 10 new tracks from the sure-fire mega-hit DVD and two favorites from previously released DVDs. This is the first Barbie fantasy movie with contemporary music and is sure to have little girls singing and dancing along. Includes the hit song, "Connected", performed by Katharine McPhee.

Producer: Jeremy From; Gabriel Mann; Guy Roche; Room for Two; Shelley Dvi-Vardhana; Jeremy From; Gabriel Mann; Guy Roche; Megan Cavallari; Russ Desalvo; Scott Page-Pagter

Track Listing

Trk Song Title Time
1. Connected 3:43
2. Two Voices, One Song 3:25
3. We're Gonna Find It 3:05
4. Believe 3:32
5. Two Voices, One Song (Movie Version) 1:28
6. Wonderful Me 2:21
7. We're Gonna Find It (Movie Version) 3:16
8. Double Vision 1:48
9. Connected 3:44
10. I Need to Know 3:38
11. Shine 3:11

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Barbie & The Diamond Castle
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