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Barbie Sporting Goods


As a parent, planning exciting adventures for my family is often atop my “to do” list for the week. After a week of work, school, running errands, ball practice, games, etc., finding a way to let loose and have fun is essential! Barbie Doll Small Boy Pushes Girl On TricycleWhen temperatures start cooling off and fall makes her presence known, we begin enjoying the great outdoors. From the weekend camping trips to the lake to late fall evenings around the fire, there are countless memories made during the fall season. Being in the great outdoors brings refreshing and rejuvenation and provides the perfect opportunity to grow closer as a family. However, spending time in the outdoors does come at some expense. The first step in planning the perfect weekend outing during the fall, or any other time of the year, for that matter, is a visit to the sporting good department of a store. There, I can find the equipment that I need to get the camping season started off right!

With school now in session and the fall season on the horizon, my daughter and I decided that we would prepare in advance. We headed down to the store and began to pick out the essentials that could be added to what is already a vast supply of camping equipment.

What can we do this year to make our weekends extra special?
I asked her. Anticipating a reply, she quickly yelled “More fun and games!” At that moment, I knew that I was in the right place. Surrounded by tons of options that could make our fall weekends more enjoyable, she and I began the hunt for the things which would make memories that she would carry with her for a lifetime. In a moment’s notice, my 6-year-old daughter had picked out several things that she felt would be fun for her. I was not surprised when every item in the cart boasted the famous Barbie doll logo that little girls love so much. Barbie Grow With Me 1,2,3 InLine Skates Side ViewKnowing that she couldn’t have them all, she asked, “Mom, can I just choose two or three.” The joy on her face when I told her that two would be fine is one that I will never forget. After about 10 minutes of going back and forth in her mind over which Barbie product would fit perfectly into her collection, she finally came to a decision. The first (and most important, I might add) was the Barbie Grow With Me 1,2,3 InLine Skates. Wondering if she would actually be able to find a place to use them on our weekend camping trips, I quickly realized that it didn’t matter. She had already fallen in love with the skates, regardless of if there would be a place for her to ride them! I knew that she had her mind set on getting new skates for a while, and she was seizing the opportunity. The second item that she chose was a little surprising to me. Barbie Doll Dad And Daughter FishingWe have been on several camping trips throughout the years, and my daughter had never really taken an interest in fishing. Holding up the Shakespeare Barbie Purse Kit Combo with a big smile on her face, she said, “I’m going to go fishing with Daddy!” I just smiled as I visualized the wonderful weekends that lay ahead of us.

The trip to the Barbie Sporting Goods department that my daughter and I took will be a memory that I will never forget. While we are still awaiting the fall season to come and the weekends on the lake to arrive, I know that they will in time. I know that she will enjoy her new items and not just because of the Barbie symbol. That only puts the icing on the cake!