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Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Blair Transforming Doll

Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Blair Transforming Doll
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Presenting Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Blair Transforming Doll: Inspired by Princess Blair from the Barbie: Princess Charm School movie, the Blair Barbie is an adorable doll any girl would enjoy having in her collection. Girls can transform her look with a choice of three gorgeous outfits: a student outfit for school, party dress for socializing, and a princess gown. Well-crafted accessories like hot pink stiletto heels, a pink rhinestone-decorated skirt, jeweled tiara, and heart-shaped necklace set this unique Barbie apart.

Three Looks Take Barbie from School Wear to Princess Gown

This glamorous Barbie has the ideal outfit for whatever her day may bring. She comes dressed in the princess attire, but can be quickly changed into the student outfit by snapping on the school uniform top. The snap-on uniform shirt that is included is different from Barbie's usual outfits--it snaps firmly onto the doll's upper half, and then you simply pull it off to remove the piece.

Turning the crank on the doll's back shortens the gown to create a cute, short hot pink skirt for party time. To transform Blair back into a princess, push the button on her back to send the train tumbling back down into a beautiful full-length gown. Our testers noted that the transforming mechanism was easy to operate and worked well.

As with other Barbie transforming dolls, please note that Blair's dress is not removable, and the doll cannot be dressed in other Barbie attire. The jewel-toned top of the dress is molded onto the body, and the skirt pieces are connected to the transformation mechanism.

Articulated Legs Increase Posing Positions and Play Value

Adding to the play factor is the Blair doll's articulated legs, which means she can be posed sitting, reclining, kicking her feet, kneeling, and even crossing her legs. Your child can easily recreate scenes from the movie or create new adventures.

What's in the Box

Barbie Princess Blair doll with gown, tiara, clip-on school uniform top, and shoes.


Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Blair Transforming Doll
  • Inspired the new animated Barbie movie, Barbie Princess Charm School
  • Princess Blair magically transforms into three different fashionable looks
  • School uniform top easily clips off to reveal a short fun party dress
  • Her party dress magically transforms into a princess gown revealing that she the long lost princess
  • Includes doll and clip on school uniform outfit


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