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Barbie: Island Princess

Barbie: Island Princess
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Presenting Barbie: Island Princess: An Adventure Of A Lifetime Awaits You, in this amazing Barbie Video Game! Join Barbie as Rosella, the shipwrecked princess, and her family of animal friends on her tropical island. Raised by a red panda, a peacock, and a baby elephant, Rosella knows nothing of her real identity until adventurous Prince Antonio discovers her tropical island. Through fun-filled mini-games, you will travel from the island home of Rosella to the coastal castle of Prince Antonio.

Barbie: Island Princess follows a "party-style" storyline. You'll play as Rosella, the shipwrecked princess, who is raised by a "family" of animal friends and rescued by Prince Antonio from her tropical island.


Barbie: Island Princess
  • 1-2 Player
  • 28 fun-filled, adventurous mini-games.
  • Collect treasures from the island with Rosella¿ and her animal family.
  • Impress the Royal Court with your dance moves.


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