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Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor Tan & White

Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor Tan & White

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Presenting Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor Tan & White: The Barbie Hug 'n Heal Pet Doctor provides all the tools necessary for your child to provide tender loving care to an adorable plush puppy. The eight-piece doctor kit fits neatly inside a stylish dog carrier that also comfortably accommodates the plush pup. Intended for children over the age of 3, the electronic puppy responds to touch and to the provided accessories with realistic noises.

Pet Care in a Loving Home

Pet care comes to life with the Barbie Hug 'n Heal Pet Doctor. The plush puppy's interactive responses to touch and the feeding accessories enhance the experience of pretend vet care for your young animal lover. The adorable plush puppy included in the Barbie Hug 'n Heal features interactive areas that respond to touch on the back, front paws, and head with noises that include barks, whimpers, growls, and panting. The bone and feeding bottle trigger feeding noises when held up to the plush pup's mouth.

Everything included in the Hug 'n Heal Pet Doctor kit fits neatly inside a brightly colored soft dog carrier bag. This stylish bag features a top panel with zipper closures, a mesh side window, and a clear plastic side pouch with Velcro closures. Brightly colored plastic accessories that encourage nurturing for the responsive pup include a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, feeding bottle, and bone. A prescription pad and health certificate help to stimulate the imagination and inspire fun, creative play.

Audible Responses to Tender Loving Care

Realistic audible responses to touch and feeding help the Barbie Hug 'n Heal Pet Doctor bring imagination to life. The front paws of the adorable plush puppy are set to respond audibly to touch with whimpers and growls. Similar touch points on the head and back trigger barking and panting noises. The puppy also responds to holding the bone and feeding bottle up to its mouth by emitting sounds of feeding and chewing.

The electronic puppy is powered by three AAA batteries (included) that must be installed by an adult using a Phillips screwdriver. A switch on the power supply box located in the stomach of the puppy can be moved from "demo" to "on," or to "off" if the puppy will be out of use for extended periods of time.

What's in the Box

Plush puppy with power pack, three AAA batteries, plastic stethoscope, plastic thermometer, plastic syringe, plastic bone, plastic feeding bottle, prescription tablet, health certificate, soft carrier bag, and operating instructions.


Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor Tan & White
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