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As I think back to my childhoodBarbie Doll Lavender Dolls Sitting In Room and the many memories that I made over the years, I recall those times that my sister and I would sit for hours and hours and play Barbie Dolls. I, like many other young adventurous girls, had a true love for the beautiful doll that represented whoever I wanted her to be at the moment. One day she would be a doctor and the next day she would be a teacher. One day she would be dressed for a night on the town and the next as a beautiful princess. Countless days were spent with my Barbie dolls as I would enter an imaginative world and play for hours.

As a mother of two beautiful girls, I couldn’t wait for the day when they would be old enough to develop the very same passion that I had for the dolls. In fact, before my first daughter was even born, I made a very special trip to the store to purchase what would be her “first” Barbie. As I walked down the aisle that was dedicated solely to Barbie, memories of my childhood were quickly set before me. Barbie Doll Mother And Two DaughtersHow my sister and I would have loved to travel across that aisle when we were younger! Tears came to my eyes as I realized at that very moment, I would inspire a love for Barbie in the life of my very own child. I wanted a special doll for this occasion; one that she could cherish for a lifetime. After careful observation, I chose the doll that I felt represented who my precious child would be. The Barbie Collector Couture Angel would be perfect for her. She was, after all, my little angel. At the age of 6, her face still brightens at the sight of the special Barbie Doll that was purchased just for her on that special night. The Barbie Collector Couture Angel sits high on a shelf overlooking where she sleeps at night. We talk often about the doll and how she will one day be able to pass her down to her very own daughter.

Of course, don’t think for a minute that the “special” Barbie is the only one to grace our household.
With two girls, ages 6 and 4, Barbie has now become a staple in our home. I think my girls must own every Barbie that has been available for sale over the past couple of years. When a new movie comes out, we rush quickly to the store to purchase the Barbie, who stars in the movie. Barbie I Can Be Newborn Baby DoctorI guess I can be the blame (in part) for this, but my girls have now developed a passion for them too. I have continued the tradition of giving my girls Barbie dolls for special occasions. My most-recent purchase was once again for my six-year old. For her birthday, I purchased the Barbie I Can Be Newborn Baby Doctor. The joy on her face when she opened this doll was priceless. She has the childlike ambition of being a doctor when she is older. She now has a Barbie Doll that represents her ambition. I’ve noticed that she has taken a particular interest in this purchase. Perhaps it is the two precious babies that came with the Barbie that keeps her interest. She plays for hours each day with the Barbie I Can Be Newborn Baby Doctor set. This was once again a great purchase.

Barbie has a very special place in my heart. I still take the opportunity to get down and play with my girls when they are enjoying their very own imaginary world with Barbie. I’m continuing to make memories that I can reflect back on in the future.