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Barbie Music


My children are my world, and doing things that make them happy while keeping their minds open and introducing new things whenever possible are high on my priority list. Music is one of the best forms of stimulus available today, so finding toys, games, and other forms of musical information that offer new types of music or music from different cultures is a wonderful chance to inspire your child. Barbie Doll Children Playing Musical InstrumentsAmong my niece’s favorite musical offerings, Barbie is the first choice of girls everywhere, so Barbie music for children only increases the value of this great gift idea.

Music for Girls

Barbie is traditionally considered a girly toy, and millions of little girls all over the world would agree that choosing music that includes Barbie’s voice makes a great gift for any occasion. You do not have to wait until your daughter, granddaughter, or niece is old enough to play with Barbie Dolls to introduce her to Barbie music, such as playing the music for your baby girl during her awake or play time. Most of us use stimulating music during this time anyway to encourage brainwave activity, and inspiring an early love of music is wonderful.

Barbie Sings!: The Princess Movie Song CollectionThere are a lot of great musical selections based on Barbie, such as Barbie Sings!: The Princess Movie Song Collection, giving you a better variety of music year round. With literally half a dozen movie soundtracks available, you could find music from her favorite Barbie movie or introduce something unique to her even as an infant. Experts agree that music stimulates her brainwave activity, helping her grow and developing her musical tastes even from this very young age.

New Types of Music

I have little boys of my own, so I did not believe that there was music available that they would like featuring Barbie when I started shopping for music while they were babies. However,

Barbie has music for children who are boys or girls,
including albums of Barbie singing some of today’s top hits or yesterday’s favorites. Since my sons love any type of music, I have been able to introduce something that I loved as a child—in Barbie—without feeling forced to choose something that is decidedly more masculine.

My sons love to dance, with me, their grandmother or aunt, with each other, or by themselves, so I work hard to keep a variety of barbie music and sounds available at any given time. Barbie Doll Cute Little Girl Listening To MusicI can honestly say that I never would have thought that Barbie would bring me and my family so much closer together, simply because I was not open-minded in the beginning and thought that Barbie was only for girls. My sons love music, and I love that they love music, and this is just another great way that I can help them become more open to trying new things without worrying about what people think.

Music is a perfect way to help us get rid of prejudice, especially segregating music just because it is (or is not) girly. We can teach our children to love everyone and be open to new people, places, or experiences simply by teaching them that there is nothing wrong with being different. Let your boys play with Barbies or listen to her sing without worrying about whether it makes them in touch with their softer side. It has been a great experience for me and my very typical little boys!