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Barbie Dollhouses


Growing up in a home with three very imaginative little girls, dollhouses were a staple of life, Barbie Doll Girl On Carpet With Pink Dollhousejust one of those items that we absolutely had to have in order to maximize our playtime and feel like girls. Our Barbie Dollhouses were definitely favorites, and the bulk of the 1990s was spent playing outdoors with my sisters and a couple of very special dollhouses. These days, we are still very close, and I attribute our excellent relationship to those years playing together in our bedroom or backyard with a handful of Barbies and their homes.

Barbie Dollhouses Today

Dollhouses have really come a long way since those days, and my sisters and I would have loved some of today’s special dollhouses—such as the Barbie Glam Vacation House. Barbie Glam Vacation House Outdoor FunWe were imaginative and loved to explore, so having a dollhouse that helped fuel our imaginations would have been wonderful. Dollhouses with a lot of fun accessories make great choices for any little girl, but especially one who loves to dress up and make the house look absolutely perfect for her Barbies.

My first dollhouse purchase as an adult was very special, although it was for my niece since, my two boys are not exactly the dollhouse type. Her parents actually bought the dollhouse itself—one of my sisters is her Mom—but I got to help with the furniture and accessories for her dollhouse. She loved the choices that we made, especially the kitchen design and nursery layout, and it was a memorable moment for my sister and I to see her having so much fun playing with her own Barbie dollhouse.

Dollhouses Spark Imagination and Creativity

Little girls love dollhouses that spark their creativity, inspiring them to daydream about womanhood from their own unique perspective, Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse Bedroomfrom being a wife to a Mom and all sorts of careers. The Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse is a great choice if you want to introduce your little girl to a more realistic-looking home for Barbie, and you will have a lot of fun watching her decorate and imagine all sorts of life choices for her Barbies. Letting her dream helps her grow, and children who are given playtime every day are more imaginative and happy children in my experience.

A lot of dollhouses are unique, often splashed liberally with shades of pink that appeal strongly to little girls.
However, you may have a little boy who likes to play house, and there is nothing wrong with purchasing an amazing dollhouse for him either. The more realistic dollhouses are a great choice for inspiring his creativity, letting him practice being an excellent Daddy someday and encouraging him to be a fashion-conscious man.

Summing Up

Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, you do not have to be or have a little girl in order to enjoy a dollhouse, and there are thousands of little boys who are just too shy to say that they would love to play with a dollhouse. Barbie dollhouses are girly and fun, but we should all keep in mind that in most cases, Ken lives there too. Let boys be boys and girls be girls, but do not be afraid to step out of the box when they do, and keep an open mind about your children. You never know…he may be the next Ralph Lauren!