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Barbie Baby Products


My cousin’s baby girl recently had her third birthday, and shopping for a fun yet inexpensive gift turned out to be more challenging than I thought. Since I don’t have a little girl of my own yet, I love the chance to shop for cute, pink baby toys and imagine what it will be like buying them for my own daughter someday. Barbie Doll Adorable Baby Playing With DollsWhile browsing online at, I was surprised to see how much toys have changed since I was a girl, both in technology and prices.

The first Barbie Baby Product I came across wasn’t too technologically advanced, but I did experience a little sticker shock. I guess I should expect it. While a doll that resembles a Barbie may be less expensive, the real deal will cost a little more dough. Having a true, authentic Barbie is worth it, though, and seeing a little girl’s face light up at the sight of a Barbie doll is priceless.

Picture my surprise to see one Barbie Fairtytopia Fairy Doll – Elina priced at $45.85. It was age-appropriate for my niece in the appearance and size, but its accessories of stickers and clip-ons still seemed too small for a three-year-old. She may be pass the point of trying put everything in her mouth, but the risk of losing the tiny pieces or sticking them in places they don’t belong is still high at this age. Although the idea of a pretty fairy princess Barbie doll was appealing, I had to pass on this one.

Then I stumbled across another doll that I thought would be perfect. It was a baby doll that comes with its own stroller, and I could see my niece pretending to be “mommy” with this cute toy. Barbie Doll Child Holding Baby DollThe price was also right at $15.95, and the lightweight umbrella stroller made it easy to store. As a mother I know how difficult it is to find toys that are fun to play with but can be hidden away easily when it’s time to clean. Nobody wants their house to look like a playground, and I thought this baby-doll toy would be something my sister could appreciate as well as my niece. With all of these pros in mind, My Lovely Baby Doll made it into the shopping cart.

Although I was fairly certain that I found the perfect birthday gift, I couldn’t help looking around a little longer to weigh all options.

The looking is what makes shopping fun after all.
I stumbled across another toy that I came close to buying, but had to skip for a few reasons. The Barbie I-Know-You Smart Phone looked like a fun gift, especially since kids seem to come out of the womb holding a smart phone or some other handheld electronic device. My son is just 18 months old and loves to play with the baby flash cards app, which can be a pain when someone calls in the middle of his play time. I guess I only have myself to blame, but I digress.

The Barbie smart phone comes with a USB cord which you can hook up to a PC and download your kid’s favorite color, food, birthday, and other info. When you turn it on and talk to Barbie, it’s like she’s your best friend and has known you for all of your three years. Barbie I-Know-You Smart PhoneI loved the idea and thought my niece would love it, too. The only problem is that the toy doesn’t have cords for Macs, which my sister and I own. With a price of $45.99, you would think Barbie could have included cords for all types of computers. I was bummed that this toy wouldn’t make it into the shopping cart.

After a few more hours of online shopping, I finally settled on the baby doll with its own stroller for my little niece. I’ll admit. I found some toys for my son and shoes for myself as well. That’s the danger of shopping online, you can never find the one thing you’re trying to find. You find ten or twelve instead. We had the birthday party a few days ago and even though my toy didn’t come with batteries, make any noise or talk, her face still lit up at the sight of her gift. I guess I’m still her favorite aunt.