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Barbie Collector 2008 Holiday Barbie Doll

Barbie Collector 2008 Holiday Barbie Doll
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Presenting Barbie Collector 2008 Holiday Barbie Doll: The 2008 Holiday Barbie shimmers in a silvery creation designed to resemble a snowflake. Her chandelier earrings add the perfect elegant yet festive touch to the 20th anniversary Holiday Barbie. Barbie collectors and girls ages 6 and up alike will appreciate the beauty of this doll, with her thick lashes, painted red lips, extravagantly curled blonde hair, and a stand so she can be displayed and admired by all.

Barbie Shines for the Holiday Season

This is essentially the same, sturdy Barbie we all know and love, but she's beautifully decked out for the holidays. The only assembly required is putting her stand together. Though Barbie's gown looks delicate, with it's gauzy, snowflake-embroidered bodice and silver skirt, the material is tough and durable. Her long, dangly earrings, however, could see some damage during over-enthusiastic play with small hands. But they're removable, so you can take them out if you think your girl might lose or break them.

Living in a Winter Wonderland

The holiday Barbies are all about wintry elegance and style, and the 2008 doll is no exception. Barbie's sophisticated holiday hairdo cascades down her back in a mass of curls tied slightly to the side. The sheer bodice of her gown--the same one she wears in the "Barbie in a Christmas Carol" DVD-- is embroidered with shimmery snowflakes that match the silver of the tiered, pleated skirt.

A gauzy sash wraps around her waist and floats down the front of the gown. White slingback heels complete Holiday Barbie's breathtaking ensemble. For those who like to keep Barbie in her packaging, the 2008 design doesn't disappoint: a red foil background is decorated with ornaments and 3-D snowflakes suspended in midair.

Little Touches Make Barbie Fabulous

We love the little touches on this Holiday Barbie, like the painted red nails that match her lipstick, the ultra-thick lashes, and the drop earrings that dangle down past her shoulders. We also like the snowflakes that shimmer lightly on her dress as if they've just fallen from the sky. Her right arm is cocked permanently at the elbow so it looks like she's waving. You can also turn this arm so her hand is on her hip.

We could imagine however, that little girls might wish to bend the elbow into a normal position from time to time. And while Barbie's holiday gown manages to be both stunning and durable, her shoes are functional white plastic that don't really live up to the rest of the outfit (plus they're hard to put on). Fortunately, the shoes are hidden by the long dress. Overall, we think Barbie collectors and little girls alike will be thrilled to add this cooly fabulous 2008 Holiday Barbie to their collection.

What's in the Box

2008 Holiday Barbie with gown, earrings, shoes, and display stand.


Barbie Collector 2008 Holiday Barbie Doll
  • 2008 Holiday Barbie doll sparkles in a shimmering white and silvery gown
  • 20th year anniversary of holiday Barbie
  • She wears a glitter-detailed gown with a tiered pleated skirt
  • Features beautiful chandelier earrings
  • The first holiday Barbie that resembles a silver snow flake


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